How to Embed a Dog Video

Here is my video: My date didn’t tell me she was getting a tan and high heels for the prom. Standing next to her I looked so pale and so small. #PromFail — jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) May 3, 2017 //   Watch this video, it’s so funny. GIPHY

Anybody who says the Obama Administration is weak on terrorism hasn’t been paying attention, is willfully ignorant or playing politics. — Kenny BooYah!! (@KwikWarren) November 16, 2015 //

Where I Want to Live

This just in: your dream house is a treehouse. This just in: your dream house is a treehouse. — Urban Outfitters (@UrbanOutfitters) April 7, 2015 — Urban Outfitters (@UrbanOutfitters) April 7, 2015

Comma Love

I love to read. I read all kinds of books. Because of this I think, “Hey maybe I would like to write too” No. Writing to me isn’t as easy as reading. It’s a lot like math, with formulas and rules that you have to follow in order to be considered smart and a good…

Let’s join the blogosphere!

We will be using this blogging software to get your blogs started. You will be using your blogs for two main purposes. One: to write all the time which helps you brainstorm and two: to write and publish short articles.