Comma Love

commaI love to read. I read all kinds of books. Because of this I think, “Hey maybe I would like to write too” No. Writing to me isn’t as easy as reading. It’s a lot like math, with formulas and rules that you have to follow in order to be considered smart and a good writer. I hate rules, math, and I hate when you have to follow them to be considered good at anything. But with all that being said [comma] to be like the writers that I admire, the ones that truly make reading enjoyable for me, I have to follow the same rules that they, too must follow.

Commas: The Rules

The rule of grammar that I simply can’t stand the most is the comma. Yep, the small tiny little mark that is often over used or not used enough. Depending on the day, I do either one or the other. If it’s a bad day, I do both.

The comma, although a small annoying pain in the neck for me, is probably one of the most important rules to have down. Here’s why:  According to the Purdue Web site the Owl, commas help clarify meaning for readers.

What do you think? Are commas a friend or an enemy. Let me know what you think?